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Willy (William) Hildebrandt, CFP, CLU, ChFC

Certified Financial Planner
William Hildebrandt

William Hildebrandt brings the most years of experience to the indesign financial group ltd. team. From hard personal experience, William knows that life often throws a curve ball. The unthinkable happens. From that compassionate standpoint he can vouch for the importance of long-range planning, building safety nets and preparation for succession over short-term gratification. Again and again, many of William’s clients now benefit from his farsighted and wise counsel.

For the young couple starting out who chose mortgage insurance, the mortgage was fully paid when a very short time later the wife died. To the husband’s great relief, he did not lose his home as well.

In the case of a businessman buying a company, William advised him to take over the ownership of and pay the premium for an existing life insurance policy on the seller. Because of William’s guidance, the company realized a benefit the buyer might have overlooked and not long after, realized additional capital to expand the business.

William applies his experience, work ethic, keen logic, and resourcefulness to your immediate needs. William cares passionately about his clients’ dreams. Dedicated to helping you achieve exactly what you require in the now, he also understands the best protection for whatever else might come.

  • Certified Financial Planner
  • Chartered Life Underwriter